2.5 tons of cocaine in semi-submarine off Guyanese coast

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2.5 tons of cocaine in semi-submarine off Guyanese coast

Nearly 2.5 tons of cocaine was seized in a semi-submarine off the coast of Guyana last month. The news was only released on Friday by the United States embassy in Georgetown.


A semi-submersible sails just below the waterline, making it more difficult to detect with the naked eye and radar systems. The catch was already made on March 21, in international waters, approximately 240 kilometers off the coast of Guyana. It turned out that there were 2,370 kilos of cocaine on board.


The seizure of the ship was led by agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the United States Coast Guard. A US Navy cruiser, the USS Leyte Gulf, intercepted and arrested four people on board.

The suspects will be brought to trial in the United States.


“Cocaine submarines” have been found in the past in both neighboring Suriname and Guyana. In Guyana this happened in 2014 in a remote location in the Waini area.

Cocaine is delivered by plane from Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil to the interior of Guyana and Suriname.

The seized cocaine may have been loaded in Guyana or Suriname.

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