‘150 dead due to storm Daniel in Libya’ 13:51 Abroad Authorities have declared the city of Derna a disaster area now that floods have destroyed a large part of the city.

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A washed-out stretch of road near the town of Shahhat
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In Libya, storm Daniel has killed at least 150 people, but many more are feared. The local head of the Red Crescent, as the Red Cross in Libya is called, thinks the death toll will rise to at least 250. The government in the east of the country even speaks of a multiple figure.

Osama Hamad, prime minister of the parliament-backed government in the east of the country, said on Libyan television today that 2,000 people have been killed. Thousands of people are also said to be missing. Hamad did not say where he got the numbers.

Most of the deaths are believed to have occurred in the city of Derna, which has been declared a disaster area by authorities. The city is closed off from the outside world. There is no electricity and no communication possible at the moment. Local media are calling the situation on the ground “catastrophic”.

The Red Crescent says the organization has lost contact with at least one aid worker, and that more aid workers may be missing.

Troops to Benghazi

Benghazi, the Jabal Al-Akhdar regions and the outskirts of Al-Marj are also said to have been severely affected. Over the weekend, Libyans shared images on social media of flooded houses and roads in several areas in eastern Libya.

Images show wading residents and barely passable roads:

Floods after severe weather in Libya

General Haftar, who holds de facto power in much of Libya, says he has sent troops to Benghazi and the surrounding region to help victims.

The storm is expected to move towards western Egypt. The weather agencies in that country have warned of bad weather. Storm Daniel also left a trail of destruction in Greece last week. At least 15 people died there.

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