14 years in prison for torture and trafficking in drugs and firearms

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14 years in prison for torture and trafficking in drugs and firearms

A 37-year-old man from Eindhoven has been sentenced to fourteen years in prison by the court in Den Bosch for, among other things, cutting off two fingertips of a man he had taken hostage. He has also been convicted of large-scale trafficking in hard drugs and possession of firearms. The man ran into the lamp by chance.


The police checked him when he was driving a van on April 21, 2021, at night in Eindhoven. At that time there was a curfew. The police found, among other things, a loaded shotgun in the vehicle and therefore decided to search the suspect’s apartment as well.

There were three cars in the basement parking lot of the complex that were used by the suspect as storage for hard drugs and firearms. The cars contained large quantities of amphetamine, MDMA and methamphetamine as well as a large stock of (automatic) rifles, revolvers, pistols and hand grenades.


After this discovery, the police started an investigation and the detectives decrypted several crypto accounts of the suspect. From this, investigators concluded that the man had been involved in the trade in hard drugs and firearms and ammunition between March and May 2021.


The investigation also revealed that the suspect may have been involved in the kidnapping and torture of a man. That man allegedly stole drugs from one of the suspect’s cars.

That victim was lured from Belgium to the Netherlands in June 2020. He was then kidnapped and blindfolded and tied up with zip ties in a garage in Eindhoven. The man was then cut off two fingertips and hit on his feet with a hammer.

The court notes that the victim is traumatized by the torture and is shocked by the ‘sadistic way in which the victim was tortured’.

The public prosecutor had demanded sixteen years in prison. The court imposed a lower sentence because the man had a clean criminal record.

See also the verdict.

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