1000 euro STAP budget still not available due to problems with UWV

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Students who hoped to be able to claim a maximum subsidy of 1000 euros from the government must be patient. The UWV is experiencing technical problems, as a result of which the counter for the so-called STAP subsidy cannot open today.

That scheme, in full Stimulation of the Labor Market Position, has been at a standstill for months. The government wanted to put an end to fraud with the subsidy and has been working on stricter rules in recent months.

The counter was supposed to open again today at 10 a.m., but the UWV immediately reported that there were technical problems. They would be fixed an hour later.

It did not work. At 12 noon, the UWV announced that the counter will remain closed today. It is not yet known when it will open.

The UWV will provide more information later today.

The delay is annoying for people who want to use the fund, because they have to log in on time to be able to claim the money. When the fund is empty, the counter closes. If you log in too late, you lose out.

Over the whole of 2023, the government has made 200 million euros available, which will be distributed over various times of the year.

  • Again subsidy for training possible, but not if you want to become a boa
  • STAP scheme adjusted, will start again at the end of this month
  • Millions from the STAP budget end up with a small group of providers
  • Economy

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