10 tips and tricks for Netflix

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10 tips and tricks for Netflix

We can recommend a hundred films and series on Netflix, but what really helps you is knowing how it works. Where is which button, how can you use it for yourself as much as possible so that you get the most out of your subscription, especially if you have to pay even more later because you share your account. These are ten tips for the Flix.

1. Set Netflix to HD

Netflix is ​​not set to HD by default: you have to set that yourself. That’s what the HD Toggle: a place where you can pay yourself in which quality you want to stream. If you look at your data plan a lot, then it is better to lower it: you can choose different qualities.

2. Let Netflix do it for you

If you like a dangerous life, you can let Netflix decide for you what to watch. To do this, go to the arrow-like icon in the television app: Netflix then determines (according to its own preferences) what might suit you.

3. Use Netflix like a pro

If you use Netflix on your computer, you can use several shortcuts. It always looks very professional if you know the button combinations by heart. F is full screen, space bar is play or pause and fast forward is done with shift and the arrow keys.

4. More of that one series

If you’re an extreme fan of Good Girls, you’ll probably like Working Moms too. Netflix will probably eventually recommend it, but you can also choose a shortcut. Go to the show you love and you’ll see trailers next to episodes, then “more like this” next to that. Then you get to see series that really resemble what you’ve seen and you don’t have to wait for Netflix to come up with the golden tip.

5. Choose how much to download

If you want to download series and films, you now have more support from Netflix. You can go to downloads in the app and then you will see ‘Introduction to Downloads for you’. Go to Settings and you will see exactly how much GB space you want to keep free on your phone for Netflix downloads.

6. Use Netflix on other devices

Netflix is ​​available on many devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and even e-readers. You really don’t have to stream from your phone all the time. If you have a new gadget, check whether a Netflix app is available on it.

7. See what’s popular in other countries

You can see what is popular in the Netherlands on Netflix itself, but if you want to know what is very popular in other countries, you can see it on the official Netflix page top10.netflix.com. There is a lot of nice data to be extracted, except of course viewing figures, because Netflix does not care about that.

8. Using Dolby Atmos

If you have a Premium subscription, you can watch Netflix with Dolby Atmos sound. Especially if you have a good surround sound set, you can get everything out of the streaming service with the Dolby Atmos content. You can even search for it by typing in Dolby Atmos. You get all kinds of things with ‘spatial audio’.

9. Use the genre codes

Of course you can search for ‘Romance’ and hope you get all the romantic movies, but you never know how well Netflix searches in Dutch. Did you know that every genre has its own code? Here see the full list.

10. Adjust subtitles

You can enable subtitle colors in Netflix. If you hate white, you can go for yellow. You will find these options in your account, not with the series itself (you can only set the language there).

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