​10 special games from 2023 that you should definitely play

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So far it has been a somewhat quiet year in terms of games, but that will probably change when we are treated to the new Zelda in May. It has also been a fairly quiet year in terms of small games, the indies. We take matters into our own hands and recommend 10 games that have already been released in 2023 and are definitely worth checking out. They’re not all indie games, but they certainly give that indie feel. These are special games from 2023 that you can play now.

1. Have A Nice Death

Have a Nice Death is a 2D action roguelike that looks really goofy. This is mainly because the Grim Reaper does not look terrifying in this game, but rather cartoonish. Make no mistake though, this is a roguelike and that means it won’t be made easy for you. You have to work hard with your scythe to ensure that the balance of souls improves again. Your employees have all run off, so Death has to cut short his vacation to fix things. A very refreshing game.

2. Octopath Traveler II

The Octopath Traveler series is popular and has sold more than 3 million units. In this second part you can again choose what you are going to do and embark on the adventure within the Solistia world. There are all kinds of different cultures to get to know, you can go into battle with all kinds of others and in the meantime make your character stronger thanks to an interesting upgrade system. A must if you like pixel art.

3. Paranormal sight

The anime-esque Pranormasight sends you out to investigate a ghost story. Or rather: no less than seven pieces. This game is based on Japanese myths about ghosts called The Seven Mysteries of Honjo. In this fairly quiet game you try to learn about the ghost stories that have gripped the Japanese for years. Very well written and worth experiencing for yourself.

4. Dredges

Dredge is one of the most successful indie games of 2023. It’s a story about fishing, because you have to take to the sea, make sure you sell what you catch and also make sure your boat keeps getting better. Cool in itself, but there is more: there are all kinds of strange stories that are doing the rounds about the local population. Stories that can scare the hell out of you. Rarely have we seen a fishing game this entertaining.


Many popular, mysterious games this year, because IB is already one of those. In this 2D exploration, you’ll venture into an art museum that you’ll need to get out of. Count on a huge unpleasant feeling and thick pixels in appearance. This game therefore lingers for a long time, although the otherwise very minimalist design is also very praiseworthy for studio Playism.

6. The Last Clock Winder

When you’re trying to repair an old clock tower, you’ll find a pair of gloves that suddenly allow you to do a lot more, such as planting or throwing things. However, all clones are created and it’s up to you to make sure they work together to fix the clock tower, also with some help from mother nature.

7. A Space for the Unbound

This game is special thanks to the setting: Indonesia in the 90s. In addition, it revolves around a boy and a girl who both have a gift. In A Space for the Unbound you can see how they deal with this. It is a very meditative game where you can learn a lot about deeper psychological topics such as fears and depression. Sounds like a pretty nasty exercise, but it certainly isn’t, A Space for the Unbound is beautiful.

8. Season: A Letter to the Future

A very special game that will appeal to many Dutch people, because in it you go on a road trip by bicycle, while reminiscing all kinds of memories and learning more about your character. It is a very atmospheric game that almost feels like a meditation, although there is certainly an adventure element in it.

9. Moss: Book II

The rodent Quill is back and this time she has a plan to bring peace back to her homeland for good. She does this again by puzzling and on the other hand going on an adventure, in order to meet new and old friends and enemies. Together with you, because you play this in virtual reality, putting you in the middle of it.

10. Hi Fi Rush

One of the most popular games of the year is Hi-Fi Rush, which revolves around rhythmic fighting to break the established order as a musician. Chai wants to be a rock star and by fighting rhythmically you make sure the world synchronizes with the music.

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