10 Snapchat lenses that make it feel like summer already

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10 Snapchat lenses that make it feel like summer already

You wouldn’t say it, but spring has sprung. Where many people think of lambs, daffodils and pastel, it is more like autumn outside. The lambs are inside under heat lamps, the daffodils will stay in the ground for a while because of all the cold and gray is the new pastel. Comfortless. Do you need a summer feeling? Give yourself a warm feeling with these 10 Snapchat filters. Just like it’s summer.

1. Summer Sunglasses

If there’s one thing that comes to mind when you think of summer and Snapchat, it’s probably the use of sunglasses. Snapchat’s Summer Sunglasses lens itself is certainly very good: it works like a train. No matter how you move your face, the sunglasses will stay on your nose and look very summery thanks to the reflection.

Summer Sunglasses

2. Summer Tan

There are many filters that make you look sunburnt, but everyone knows you should never let it get that far. That’s why we prefer the Summer Tan: a somewhat more subtle filter that gives your face just a little tan. Take off that cold winter and put a careful summer view on it. But not so orange that you look like Ross from Friends.

Summer Tan

3. Summer Butterflies

The summer sun also includes insects, because they thrive in the warm weather. When the flowers bloom, not only the bees and wasps come out again, but also the butterflies. There’s nothing quite like walking in the sun and watching a butterfly flutter by. This filter immediately fills you with butterflies.

Summer Butterflies

4.Vacation Mode

This is one of the best filters, because you can also use the other camera and then you get to see a kind of summer holiday environment. In addition, you can also provide the filter for your face (in selfie mode) with a large flower, if you find that a bit more summery. And of course a cocktail in hand, a delicious summer drink from a coconut.

Vacation Mode

5. WFH Vacation

The name of this filter is a bit strange and the filter itself sometimes has some cures, but the idea is very nice: you put yourself on the beach for a while. You can just as easily dream away: vacation. Sun in your face, palm trees around you and a blue, pleasant sea to dive into instead of the brown, Dutch sea.

WFH Vacation

6. In the Bahamas

One of our favorite lenses for a summer feeling is In the Bahamas. It gives you both a nice pair of sunglasses and a funny background, so you can convince your brain for a few seconds that it’s summer.

In the Bahamas

7. Sunny Freckles

For many people, that time in the sun also means that summer freckles appear. One thinks it’s terrible, the other terribly cute. You can’t escape it: there’s nothing you can do about it. So just accept it, and enjoy the fact that the sun is shining. Maybe not outside, but no one needs to know that when you have those cute freckles.

Sunny Freckles

8. Your Sunshine

This lens goes in a completely different direction: more the humorous side. This is because your face (or actually just your eyes and mouth) is glued to a sun. It’s a bit Teletubbies-esque and it’s very bland, but actually very funny. You are my sunshine.

Your Sunshine

9. Festival Makeup

For many people, summer also means outdoor festivals. And yes, they are just that little bit better than all indoor parties. Many ladies unpack at festivals with all kinds of glimmers on their face and body. With the Festival Makeup lens you look like you’re going to a festival, complete with bling bling, without sticky stuff on your face.


10. Pool Floats

As an extension of the sun with your face on it, Pool Floats is the same, but then you can do it with someone else. Float together in the pool. Pleasant. Just like it’s summer. We can’t bring summer to you, but at least we tried. Have fun with the lenses!

Pool Floats

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