​10 items for a cozy home office

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​10 items for a cozy home office

When you think about creating a home office, a lot of things probably cross your mind. Where do you start? Of course you can get started very easily: a buy deskAdd a chair, monitor and keyboard/mouse and you’re done. However, more is needed to give a home office a more homely atmosphere. With these 5 items you can make your home office not just a place to work, but also a place where you feel comfortable.


A problem that many home offices face is that they are very noisy, for example because they only have Luxaflex. Choose curtains to absorb some noise, but also to create a nice, homely atmosphere.


In line with curtains, a carpet also works very well against noise. The rolling across the floor of those office chair wheels will soon no longer be heard throughout the house, but will remain a little more limited in your office.


If there is anything proven to be good for humans, it is to surround themselves with nature. A little more green is nice, and a plant is also nice. You have to take care of it, you can talk to it, and it also looks a lot happier because of the colors.


Would you prefer something more cozy on the walls? A movie poster of that top flick, or maybe a poster with a motivational quote: you can frame them or hang them like this:

Arcade cabinet

It’s really a wanna-have, not a must-have, but to add a little more playfulness to your office, you can consider an arcade cabinet. Maybe with that one game you used to play. Good times.


If you want more color, but you are not confident that you can keep a plant alive, then there is another object to place, although you have to do something for it: building. A beautiful LEGOset with flowers or a LEGO set that you just think is really cool, why not ‘display’ it in your office?

Eldorado fortress


You don’t see it very often, but that’s actually strange, because they can be beautiful eye-catchers: a standing lamp. The extra light is also often very pleasant and you don’t only have to work in bright LED light, but also in the warmer version.


However, there is one lamp to rule them all, because this can be a hit, especially if you often receive customers in your office. Neon lights are very Instagrammable, especially if you make a cool word or even a whole quote out of it and hang it on the wall of your office. But of course your company name is also allowed.


A poster is nice, but a bit flat: a painting is often more lively, because you can really see the paint stripes. For example, you can ‘rent’ a painting from an art library, but you can also buy it at, for example Etsy.

Children’s crafts

However, there is one type of art that is slightly more popular and is often more personal: that of your children. Hang up that funny drawing, or put down that ashtray that your child made for Father’s Day: useful for paper clips.

[Fotocredits – © New Africa – Adobe Stock]

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